Church Building


The church, built in 1964, is octagonal in shape and is covered by a single span of concrete forming a dome. The height at the centre of the nave is 35 feet, the width, from East to West, is 93 feet, slightly longer than from North to South, which is 74 feet. The tower is 102 feet high to the top of the cross.

Main East Window of St. Peter's Church designed by Tristan Ruhlmann

The East Window

The window is impressive and dramatic in size, occupying the whole East wall.

Designed, as are all the windows in the church by Tristan Ruhlmann from Alsace, France, it is based on the text from St. John's Gospel of the risen Jesus telling St. Peter 'Feed my Sheep'. It is of a unique design developed by Ruhlmann which involves setting pieces of stained glass in concrete panels.


Tristan Ruhlmann designed Carpet Windows

Carpet Windows

The twelve carpet windows, depict ancient prayer mats as were hung up in open windows in early churches and are also based on Islamic designs from Turkey. They have slightly wavy edges to symbolise movement in the wind.



Lady Chapel Window

Depicting the Nativity of Jesus Christ in the Bethlehem stable, this window was dedicated on October 24th 1970 by the then new Bishop of Birmingham the Right Rev. Lawrence Brown.

Lady Chapel Stained Glass Window at St. Peter's Church Hall Green

You can find more about Tristan Ruhlmanns work here.

The Font

This was built by a local stonemason and is in an unusual triangular shape as a sign of the Trinity: God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The copper cover was made in the metalwork class by staff and pupils of Pitmaston Secondary School (now Ninestiles School) and presented to the church.


St Peter's Parish Prayer

God of grace and truth, you love the world and everyone in it, and you know our needs before we ask. Shower upon us at St Peter's your blessings. Fill us with your Spirit that we may draw others to worship with us here, so that your kingdom of love, justice, mercy and peace may grow, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

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