St Peters Calendar

The Holy Communion service is a simple spoken Communion without accompaniament. This service is available every Sunday at 8am, Wednesday at 10am and Thursday at 6.30pm. There is also an unaccompanied communion service with hymns at 6pm on the second Sunday of every month.

Next Times for Holy Communion

DateTimeOther Details
Wednesday 18th July 201810:00
Thursday 19th July 201818:30
Sunday 22nd July 201808:00
Wednesday 25th July 201810:00
Thursday 26th July 201818:30
Sunday 29th July 201808:00
Wednesday 1st August 201810:00
Thursday 2nd August 201818:30
Sunday 5th August 201808:00
Wednesday 8th August 201810:00
Thursday 9th August 201818:30
Sunday 12th August 201808:00
Sunday 12th August 201818:00
Wednesday 15th August 201810:00
Thursday 16th August 201818:30
Sunday 19th August 201808:00
Wednesday 22nd August 201810:00
Thursday 23rd August 201818:30
Sunday 26th August 201808:00
Wednesday 29th August 201810:00
Thursday 30th August 201818:30
Sunday 2nd September 201808:00
Wednesday 5th September 201810:00
Thursday 6th September 201818:30
Sunday 9th September 201808:00
Sunday 9th September 201818:00
Wednesday 12th September 201810:00
Thursday 13th September 201818:30
Sunday 16th September 201808:00
Wednesday 19th September 201810:00
Thursday 20th September 201818:30
Sunday 23rd September 201808:00
Wednesday 26th September 201810:00
Thursday 27th September 201818:30
Sunday 30th September 201808:00
Wednesday 3rd October 201810:00
Thursday 4th October 201818:30
Sunday 7th October 201808:00
Wednesday 10th October 201810:00
Thursday 11th October 201818:30
Sunday 14th October 201808:00
Sunday 14th October 201818:00


St Peter's Parish Prayer

God of grace and truth, you love the world and everyone in it, and you know our needs before we ask. Shower upon us at St Peter's your blessings. Fill us with your Spirit that we may draw others to worship with us here, so that your kingdom of love, justice, mercy and peace may grow, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

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